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Averics Technologies is one of the leading organizations that offer an opportunity to hire developers in India with great expertise. Whether your requirements are for long-term or short-term or hourly-basis, you get it all. With 10+ years of experience and an army of highly-qualified developers, Clarion delivers solutions that are nothing short of perfection.

    Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Developers From India

    India has splendid engineers that are knowledgeable in a wide assortment of advancements.

    Huge set of skills

    India has a huge pool of talented developers, that go above and beyond to deliver excellence.

    Time Zone Advantage

    India is ahead in time by the countries like USA, UK, Europe. Hence it is time-zone compatible.


    Here you get the choice of scaling up and down the team as and when required

    Cost-effective Development

    Hire developers in India to reduce the cost of development by around 50%

    24*7 Support

    If you hire Indian programmers you are bound to receive 24*7 support. Our support team offers the most practical solutions for your problems.

    English Speaking Programmers

    India is the second-largest country to have English speaking population.


    Hand-picked and strengthened

    Our stringent standards ensure risk mitigation and exceptional success rates of over 98%

    Skilled and equipped

    With nothing but the best in tools and training programs, our team is ready for the challenge

    Built to perfection

    We are ready to solve your problems for tomorrow, today.

    Good with words

    Experience the best of both worlds–quality workmanship and exceptional communication skills


    Averics Technologies onboard the professionals only through the top-grading method. Hence each developer is best in their expertise.


    Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

    Sure, we can. We have several long-term clients with one-developer. We can also help if you’re interested in building out or taking over your team in the future. We’re here to help and serve our clients best.

    Yes, when you’re working with Averics Technology, We align our developers to your time zone, project milestones and timelines at your convenience.

    Typically, it takes us 4-5 weeks to build a 4–5-member team. The 1st week is used to build an initial pipeline of candidates for clients to interview and test. If you plan on setting up a larger team, a realistic timeline is to start 4-5 developers/team members in 4-5 weeks and expand with 1-2 additional hires every month, onboarding does require time. 

    The technologies our clients mainly use are Python, Java, C#/.NET, JavaScript, PHP, iOS, Android, React Native, Swift, Node.JS, Bash/Shell along with other languages. But we can help you find engineers with other skills as well. We have a bench with “Hot IT Skills” readily available as well to get started quickly if you need it.

    Front end/Back-end and full-stack developers with technology expertise in Python, Java, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, React, Django, Express, .Net, Scala, PHP, C#, Drupal, Magento, Sketch, Laravel, Jquery, Spring, as well as iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile software engineers. We can also help you with QA Engineers, software analysts, Scrum master, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, support Engineers, and others.

    • The software developers you hire with us may work for us or in our facilities, but the work they do belongs to you. We take extra care to make sure your intellectual property stays with you
    • The Averics Technologies has established strict measures to protect and enforce IP rights, notably regarding infringement of intellectual property rights. It maintains an established inspection system with written security policies for the work process and employee contracts.

    1. Send Your Requirement

    2. Interviews with Pre-Vetted Profiles

    3. Hiring, Onboarding to Start Work

    4. Fully Managed Support

    Our highly experienced recruiters use their networks, internal communication channels and the tools we provide, plus our extensive database to resource candidates. Referrals are always a great source as well from our current and past placed resources.

    Our recruitment specialists come without any additional charges when you build a development team with Averics Technologies. You don’t pay us until we find a developer or software engineer that fits your needs. After that, you pay a fixed monthly fee on top of your developer’s or team’s salary. If you need to recruit more people, there’s no charge whether you plan to make a change to the existing team or are considering expanded service

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