A niche market software development company needs to address the evolving market needs and business possibilities. Expedite your development time and augment your teams with Successive.

Unique Requirements of ISVs

⦿ As an ISV, you would be excelling in developing enterprise-grade business process applications. Our accelerated, disciplined approach to offshore product development reinforces your powerful value proposition to clients in this space.


⦿ We provide market expertise to smaller ISVs who have the agility but may lack operational processes needed to operate at scale. Similarly, we add immense business value to bigger ISVs who have a great process but may find it laborious to evolve with shifting business demands.


⦿ We offer the unbeatable blend of amazing agility with phenomenal process efficiency that adds a tremendous competitive edge to our ISV clients.


Infrastructure Costs

⦿ We recommend the best mix of in-house environments and Public Cloud / Hybrid Cloud for specific product development projects for ISVs.


⦿ We help safeguard your enterprise’s sensitive data from other infrastructure tenants and reduce your end customers’ expenses.


⦿ We drive deeper automation within operational processes with a focus upon ‘always-on’ mode to facilitate a secure and robust development environment.


⦿ Partnering with reputable high-level experts ascertains they implement data-driven procedures regarding the outcome and also plan your outsourcing risk better.

ISV Solutions at Averics

⦿ We provide our strategic technology consultancies and partner with ISVs and product companies for developing, deploying and supporting their critical applications.

Continuous Delivery and Testing

⦿ Our AGILE software development teams consist of cross-functional DevOps experts. Our collective expertise comes together beautifully in the development and delivery process, ultimately resulting in highly stable operating environments that add momentum to time to market.

Post Deployment Support

⦿ Get the best in class maintenance for solid communication and world-class support. We not only provide custom software application development services but also complete software maintenance and support for ROI across a longer duration.

Product Engineering Expertise

⦿ Know the specializations most relevant to your industry and ensure your extended team can provide them. With Successive, you can trust us with a holistic strategy for your client’s digital transformation – right from design ideation, to project execution.

Robust Cloud Architecture

⦿ We take cognizance of the increased value proposition of native cloud and hybrid cloud in delivering high value IT infrastructure components. We couple this aspect with dedicated computing services equipped with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery features.

Engineering Expertise

⦿ Our team of expert UI/UX developers gives your digital products a visual overhaul with user-friendly and interactive design.

Automation Testing

⦿ Our expert quality analysts carry out rigorous testing so that you can make sure your software application runs across all browsers and screens.

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